Birth Name: Barbara Charline Jordan

Born: February 21, 1936

Birthplace: Houston, Texas

Died: January 17, 1996


Barbara Jordan was a successful debater at Texas Southern University. She continued to speak with great authority and style; her grand speech was one of her leading personal characteristics throughout her life.  Two of her most famous speeches were (1) during the 1974 impeachment hearings of then-President Richard R. Nixon and (2) the keynote speech of the 1976 Democratic National Convention.  


Barbara Jordan graduated from Boston University Law School in 1959, and a few years later she was running for public office.  She was elected to the Texas State Senate in 1966; in 1972 she was elected to the United State House of Representatives and assigned to the House Judiciary Committee.  She served 3 terms in the House.  She was a liberal Democrat and was considered a civil rights leader.  


By 1979 Representative Jordan was suffering from neurologic disease and retired from political office.  She remained active in other ways. She served for 17 years on the faculty of the LBJ School of Public Affairs at The University of Texas at Austin. She was a legendary constitutional scholar and was appointed to the LBJ Centennial Chair in National Policy there. She continued to teach and to be active in the Democratic Party.  She was appointed to chair the US Commission on Immigration Reform by President Clinton in 1993.  She died at the age of 60.   


Sculptor:  Bruce Wolfe

Installation Date:  April 24, 2009

Media:  Bronze

Location:  Campus of University of Texas at Austin, at the intersection of 24th and Whitis Streets

Date of Photo:  March 14, 2011


Barbara Jordan