Birth Name: Charlotte Sophia

Birthplace:  Duchy of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, Germany

Born:  May 19, 1744 

Died: November 17, 1818

Married: King George III of England

Children:  15: 9 boys and 6 girls; 2 died as infants, 1 as a young adult.  
Granddaughter:  Queen Victoria of England

This regent of England was known as a kind and intelligent woman.  
She was an amateur botanist, a musician (harpsichord) and a dog-lover.
She was a generous benefactor to hospitals and orphanages.
 When Charlotte was 17 years old her arranged marriage occurred, and 
she had not previously met her husband.  Though it had a rocky 
beginning, the marriage was said to be a success, and lasted 57 years.

She became a beloved queen consort of England.  He (King George III)
became incapacitated by recurrent illness, and she was said by him to
be his “friend and physician.” 
The town of Charlotte, North Carolina, was named after her, presumably 
to curry favor with the King of England.  

Sculpture Notes:  This statue emphasizes the Queen’s domestic interests in animals and plant life, presenting her in a calm state.  Contrast this to the other statue of her in Charlotte, North Carolina, at the International Airport, where she is presented in a very animated state.  

Sculptor:  Graham Weathers

Installation Date:  1988

Media:  Bronze, on stone pedestal

Location:  East Fifth and North College Streets, Charlotte, North Carolina

Date of Photos:  September 26, 2011


Queen Charlotte