Born: 1854

Birthplace: Corvallis, Oregon


Married: William Walter Moreland

Alice E. Biddle was the first woman to graduate from the institution which would become Oregon State University in Corvallis, Oregon, 1870. She was one of three in the first graduating class of the new Corvallis College. She graduated a four-year curriculum after only three years at the age of 16. She subsequently married one of her professors and moved with him to California. She later became an organizer of the first alumni meeting for the new institution.

Sculpture Notes: There is a small metal plaque in front of the statue with the following inscription:

  Kirk St. Maur 1983
 THE QUEST bronze

The Quest symbolizes ALICE E. RIDDLE, who in 1870 became the first woman to graduate from what is now Oregon State University. It reflects the energy, dedication and strength of all students in the pursuit of learning.

This work made possible
 by Oregon's Art in Public Places Program

Sculptor: Kirk St . Maur

Installation Date: 1983

Media: bronze

Location: Oregon State University campus, near the Memorial Union Building, on the east side, in a small courtyard. Corvallis, Oregon.  
Date of Photos: November 11, 2013.


Alice E. Biddle