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Welcome to my collection of women who have made a unique contribution to their community, nation or the world and have been remembered with a statue. Women are rarely remembered by a statue.  Most statues of women are mythical or composite characters. This collection is dedicated to real women who made a difference to their community and our history.
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Another Sacagawea statue

by Joanne Mallett on 07/15/12

Last Tuesday, going through Cody, Wyoming, I caught a female statue out of the corner of my eye.  I hadn't known there might be one in Cody, so I wasn't prepared.  I turned around to see a Sacagawea statue. Because of road conditions, it was impossible to return to photograph it.  

There are at least 18 statues of the woman who helped Lewis and Clarke, more perhaps than any woman I have seen in statue other than Mary, the Mother of Christ.  My friend Lynne says Sacagawea is so admired by women, "because she told the men where to go!" 
I'll try to be more alert, so I won't miss opportunities to add to my collection.    

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