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Welcome to my collection of women who have made a unique contribution to their community, nation or the world and have been remembered with a statue. Women are rarely remembered by a statue.  Most statues of women are mythical or composite characters. This collection is dedicated to real women who made a difference to their community and our history.
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other Wyoming Women

by Joanne Mallett on 06/30/12

In Laramie I found the statue of Louisa Ann Swain, "the first woman in the United States to vote under laws guaranteeing women political equality."  This was 50 years before the US constitutional amendment guaranteeing women the vote.   Her statue is in the courtyard of the Wyoming House of Historic Women.
Then, the next day we went to Lander, Wyoming, where, outside the town, in the "Sacagawea Cemetery" I was able to photograph the statue there of Sacagawea.  Her presence in this community, and later the cemetery (with her sons and grandchildren), is controversial.  There are those who are committed to this view of her life, while other claim that she died at age 24 in  North Dakota (indeed Lewis believed her to be dead).  To me this means that there have been in the past, and now are, many who cherish the view of Wyoming as a place where the rights of women are cherished, and the presence of strong women has been celebrated.     

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