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Welcome to my collection of women who have made a unique contribution to their community, nation or the world and have been remembered with a statue. Women are rarely remembered by a statue.  Most statues of women are mythical or composite characters. This collection is dedicated to real women who made a difference to their community and our history.
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Wyoming, a state of many statues, but....

by Joanne Mallett on 07/23/12

I found Wyoming to have many beautiful statues: bison, horses, bighorn sheep and other wildlife; and many horsemen and cowboys; plus former U.S. Presidents; but, only three historic women so far as I can find.  In Gillette there is a statue on almost every downtown corner, but not one historic woman.

The three women I found were:  Louisa Ann Swain; Ester Hobart Morris and Sacagawea.  I hope the future in this state, so obviously in love with statuary art, will see more historic women.  

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