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Welcome to my collection of women who have made a unique contribution to their community, nation or the world and have been remembered with a statue. Women are rarely remembered by a statue.  Most statues of women are mythical or composite characters. This collection is dedicated to real women who made a difference to their community and our history.
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Wyoming, a surprising advocate for women's rights

by Joanne Mallett on 06/25/12

Welcome to my blog about my journey!  I am traveling around the United States looking for statues of historic women. I have now photographed over 50 statues; a friend suggested that I add some narrative about this journey, thus the blog.

In addition to the wonderful statue of Esther Hobart Morris in front of the Wyoming State Capitol, in Cheyenne, I learned a lot today about the state of Wyoming. In 1869 Wyoming granted women the right to vote, the first US governmental body to do so!  The state seal itself carries the slogan "EQUAL RIGHTS" at the very top, on a banner draped over the shoulders of a woman.  

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1. Lillie Henley said on 6/30/12 - 11:53AM
Joanne, thanks for sharing what you're doing. I am eager to read more. A friend of mine Elaine Hickey gave me your link and I asked to be a friend on Facebook. Will follow you wherever you go! A retiring minister, I am, Rev Lil
2. Lillie Henley said on 6/30/12 - 11:54AM
I wish there was a statue of Babe Diedrik Zaharias
3. Joanne Mallett said on 6/30/12 - 05:27PM
Lillie, I too wish there were a statue of Babe Diedrik Zaharias. I have been unable to find one, but if anyone knows of one, please let me know.

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