Birth Name: Amonute (or possibly also “Matoaka”)
Born: 1595
Birthplace: near Jamestown, at Werowocomoco

Died: March 21, 1617

Married: John Rolfe, 1614
Children: son, Thomas

​Pocahontas was the daughter of Chief Powhatten. Around 1608 she took gifts to the early settlers at Jamestown on his behalf. John Smith said that she saved his life twice during his early years there. 

The chief’s kindness was poorly repaid in 1613 by Captain Argall, who kidnapped Pocahontas and took her to Jamestown. There she was instructed in Christianity and became a convert. When she was baptized she took the Christian name of “Rebecca.”

Pocahontas then married John Rolfe and bore his son. He took his wife and son to England to be presented at the Royal Court. It was there in England that she died and was buried. Through her son and his daughter she has many American descendants.  

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A more romantic, but also useful, depiction may be found at the Jamestown 

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Sculpture Notes:  

There is a replica of this statue at St. George’s Church at Gravesend, England, where Pocahontas died. It was installed in 1958, a gift from the people of Virginia.

Sculptor: William Orway Partridge 

Installation Date: 1922

Media: bronze

Location: Jamestown Settlement, Williamsburg, VA

Date of Photo: October 12, 2011